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CHOICES WorldwideWhat is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is for successful, committed professionals who, for whatever reason, find themselves at a crossroads and don't know how to proceed. Coaching provides an opportunity to reflect on your values, your goals and your commitments, and then look at how your work does, or doesn't, support you. Most people have as many as seven careers in a lifetime, and career coaching can help chart the course for the transition from one job, or one career, to another.

CHOICES WorldwideHow Does It Work?

Coaching is a process. First, we talk by phone to discuss your interest in coaching. If you'd like to explore coaching further, we'll set up an hour introduction to coaching, either in person or by phone. During this hour, you can share more with me about your work history, your present situation, and your dreams and aspirations for your career. I'll show you my coaching process, which includes inquiry and research, then the development of a strategic career plan. Then, when you're ready to begin, we set up hour-long appointments and we meet every two to three weeks. You'll have homework between each appointment, and at the beginning you'll do a lot of introspection. Once you know where you want to go with your career transition, we can launch into the strategic planning stage.

CHOICES WorldwideWho Needs a Career Coach?

No one "needs" a coach--yet all of us can benefit from the help of an outside consultant to get perspective on our careers. I specialize in helping mid-career professionals (age 40+) who have successful track records but who, perhaps, are no longer inspired by the work they do, or who have a deep desire to do something else. Most of my clients have reached a point in their lives when they want to do more than just make a living--they want to make a difference. I can help you identify what will inspire you, light you up and still provide financial abundance for you and your family.


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