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The Missing Link in LinkedIn
 July 2012
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The Missing Link in LinkedIn
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"You don't have to know everything, as long as you know people who know the things you don't."
--Harvey Mackay

"Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try." 
--Mary Kay Ash
"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
--Zig Ziglar

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My friend Joy Meredith coaches me on the value of social media. Thanks to Joy and her patient tutoring, I now can say proudly that I tweet, I'm LinkedIn and I even moved recently from a paper calendar to a web-based Google calendar, which I love. 
LinkedIn iconSo now that I'm firmly ensconced in 2012, I'd like to make a request to those who reach out to me and others via LinkedIn: Please let us know how we know you. "We met at the recent Chamber luncheon, " you might want to write, or "Great to connect with you at the Executives Breakfast Club! I'd love to stay in touch..." 
Referencing the context of your relationship is critical to building those connections. It takes only a minute to personalize your message and that note could make the difference between someone clicking "Accept" or "Ignore." Defaulting to the standard "I'd like to add you to my professional network" demonstrates a lack of energy and imagination. You also miss the opportunity to truly connect, reinforcing both your relationship with that person and your brand.
LinkedIn is a social media platform that some folks all too often use as a "sweep" for gathering people into their connections, going for the "Bigger is Better" theory of networking. The LinkedIn site itself warns us not to accept invitations from people we don't know. (The message always reminds me of how our moms told us not to talk to strangers.) 
Used wisely and with proper etiquette, LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful social media vehicles we have to build our careers and our businesses. But without identifying ourselves or our connections to the people we're inviting, our messages can be as welcome as a birthday party invitation from someone we don't know. Those types of invitations make us suspect that all that person really wants is more presents.
Client Spotlight


Jim Mathieson

Jim Mathieson, CPA, partner of Mathieson, Moyski, Celer & Co. was recently appointed to the board of the Downtown Wheaton Association. Jim was elected vice president of this vital organization which supports our local downtown business community through hosting events, encouraging economic development and raising consumer awareness. The DWA partners with the City of Wheaton, the Wheaton Park District and the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce to offer events like the recent "Taste of Wheaton," voted Wheaton's favorite annual event in the 2012 "Reader's Choice Awards" by Glancer magazine.  


Felicia Elias, CEBS, a long-time client and friend, was invited to Felicia Elias present this October at the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) on the topic of her multi-disciplinary approach to teaching Middle Eastern dance and the arts. In addition to being a certified insurance benefits professional, Felicia teaches dance at Elmhurst College and recently received her certification as a Life Cycle Celebrant. 


Rob O'Dell

Rob O'Dell, CFP, principal and co-founder of Wheaton Wealth Partners, co-authored a new book called  The Four Corners--Where Your Estate Plan Becomes a Living Legacy.  "We wrote this book to help families explore how an estate plan can create lasting legacies," Rob said about the book's launch. Rob co-wrote the book with Mike Kilbourn of Kilbourn and Associates and Brad Galbraith, an attorney with Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLC, the original architect of the Four Corners Estate Plan.


Author! Author!


I'm thrilled to be a featured author in the recently released Speak More! Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business, published by the National Speakers Association. The book was launched this month at NSA's national convention in Indianapolis.


My chapter is called "Tapping Into the Power of Your Golden Vickie Austin, author Rolodex," and I share my proven formula for successfullly reaching out to the people we already know (AKA "Golden Rolodex") to build our businesses. I am honored to be among the NSA luminaries who also contributed to the book and appreciate the efforts of Barbara Parus, editor and director of publications at the National Speakers Association in Tempe, AZ, who edited the book. I had the opportunity to meet Barbara at the NSA convention and learned she recently co-authored her own book with John Molidor, Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting a Little Crazy Can Get You the Job. I just ordered the book and will be sharing the authors' ideas with my career coaching clients who are interviewing.


The NSA Convention was my first opportunity to experience the magnitude of this global community. Four days of keynote addresses, break-out sessions, hall-way conversations and evenings together were exhilarating, illuminating and beyond inspiring. My goal for the convention was to "learn from and model the behaviors and habits of world-class speakers." I discovered that the most successful speakers have found a way to express their authenticity through speaking and, for some, through music, poetry, humor and even gymnastics (ask me about the guy who juggled the machetes). 


Speak More Cover A highlight of the convention for me was meeting Harvey Mackay, speaker and salesman extraordinaire and author of many books including Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. I introduced myself to Mr. Mackay as a newer member of NSA and also one of the authors of Speak More! I thanked him for his endorsement on the front of  the book and he shared with me that over the years, he's only endorsed three books, and this is one of them.   


Steve Beck, VA, Brigid Duffield, John Blumberg, Theresa Valade, Christine Quinn & Laurie Guest @ NSA 2012

Special thanks to Brigid Duffield, past president of our NSA-IL Chapter, who coordinated a dinner for our Illinois contingent; to Laurie Guest for hosting a get-together for other "newbies" who were attending the convention for the first time; to John Blumberg who prepped me in advance on what to expect ("bring valium"); and to Conor Cunneen who let me ride shotgun on the way down to Indy, entertaining me with stories and beguiling me with his Irish brogue. And a shout-out to star student of Speaker U Theresa Valade and Dr. Christine Quinn who shared the joy of being "VIP" first-time conventioneers with me.

VickieThe convention reminded me that the more we learn, the more we realize how much there is to know. There's nothing more invigorating than being a "student" again. I hope you, too, have a place where you can grow, learn and be supported by others who are aligned with your mission and purpose. As my dad the professor used to say, "We're never too old to learn!"



Vickie Austin 

CHOICES Worldwide

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