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CHOICES WorldwideBusiness Book Series Available to YOU!

After a five-year run of giving monthly book reviews at the local Borders in Wheaton, I've packaged shorter, theme-based book reviews for organizations, corporations and associations. From leadership to innovation, from team development to women in business, I'll create a book discussion that meets the interests and needs of your audience. For more information, call 630/510-1900 or e-mail me at

CHOICES WorldwideWhat Do Clients Want?

We sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we know exactly what our clients want, but how do we know? Here's an idea: ask them! I've facilitated focus groups on behalf of my clients and the results have been powerful. We put together a small group of clients (or prospective clients) and with you in the room, I ask them questions and generate a conversation that provides you with amazing insights from the clients' perspectives. Maybe it's about existing services, maybe you want to get some information from them before launching a new product or service... their ideas and input can mean the difference between guessing and being spot-on. Please let me know if you'd like to talk about how this could help you and your company.

CHOICES WorldwideWhat's So Hard About Soft Skills?

I've had the honor of developing a soft skills training program for a global supply chain management company, and I'm available to help you with your sales force to help them focus on developing their "soft skills"--listening, client engagement and asking great questions as well as refining presentation skills. If you're interested in taking your sales force to the next level, give me a call.


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